To schedule an appointment, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork. If you are a new patient, or have not visited our office before, then it will be necessary for you to complete the Patient Registration Form and the Adult or Pediatric Case History. 

If you are an established patient but have not been to the office recently, we have moved. We are still located in the Doctor's Building adjoined to the Liberty Hospital, but we are now in Suite #104.

Bring your driver's license, your insurance cards, current referral (if applicable) and any information pertinent to your visit. This information should include previous audiograms, films from CTs or MRIs, etc.

Please note that our office does family billing. The Head of Household (regardless of who is the insurance subscriber) will receive one statement per month after insurance processes. All family activity will be listed on this statement as well as the name and account number of patients with activity during this billing period. If you do not wish to have your statement in the name of your head of household, please make this known to our staff at intake. (Our office classifies Head of Household within family situations as the father or husband of a patient.)